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The Final Overs is an immersive VR cricket game that brings the thrilling experience of playing your favorite sports right into your living room. It teleports you into the world’s famous cricket stadiums to play against AI-powered bowlers. With realistic physics and amazing gameplay features, The Final Overs provides an extraordinary opportunity to live your cricketing fantasies!

Released Date

Mar 8, 2021.

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The Final Overs is an addictive VR cricket game packed with fun and thrills that one gets to experience in real-life cricket. This game will immerse you in a packed stadium where you will face the daunting task of chasing a difficult target in a quick or T20 match.

With six AI-powered bowlers in action, each with unique bowling prowess, the stakes are raised to new heights!

Will you triumph over the strong AI opponent and chase down the target? Play the game and see for yourself!

Here’s what you will get to enjoy in the game

  • Local Multiplayer: Local Multiplayer allows you to play VR cricket matches with your friends via mobile using a seamless user interface. Different gameplay modes: Play a T20 match, or choose specific numbers of overs to get the fun rolling.
  • Smart Bowling: The AI will learn about your weak spots and bowl accordingly. Beware!
  • Smart Fielding: The AI will secure your favorite scoring areas with the most agile fielders. Look out for them!
  • Six Unique Bowlers: A perfect combination of pace bowlers & spin masters!
  • Slo-mo Replay: Loved the shot, or want to rewatch your wicket? You got it!
  • Commentary: Can you imagine cricket without commentary? Well, we can’t!
  • Multiple Bat Choices: Not scoring many runs? Maybe it’s the bat. Change it and end the dry spell!

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