ANSWERED: Can I Play VR Cricket with a Bat?

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Have you ever imagined being a cricket star in your living room? Just having a cricket bat in your hand, with a huge crowd cheering for you on every run toward victory? What a great experience it would be, right? If you’re looking for such an amusing experience, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to The Final Overs – Home of VR Cricket, where technology meets passion!

In this blog, we’ll discuss whether you can play cricket in VR with a bat or if a controller would be a better option.

Your choice will determine how you enjoy the game and turn every shot and ball into a new adventure. Games like The Final Overs can be played with both options; however, the best choice for you depends on your preference.

How to Play VR Cricket with a Controller

Can I play VR Cricket with bat?

Playing with a VR cricket with a controller might be easier than using the bat, but it may not give you the real feeling of holding the bat in your hand. The good news is that playing VR cricket with a controller is more user-friendly if you don’t have a customized bat. Here’s how you can play virtual reality cricket with a controller:

  1. Set up your VR headset: Follow the guidelines and safety protocols to set up your headset accordingly.
  2. Set up play area: Choose a spacious place so that you can move around and play shots with ease.
  3. Launch The Final Overs: Use the controller to launch The Final Overs. You will only need one controller at a time to play the game. After selecting your preferred mode and difficulty, you are all good to kick off your career in VR cricket!

How to play VR cricket with bat

Let’s now learn how we can play VR cricket using a bat. From personal experience, I would say playing The Final Overs with a bat changes everything; it transforms your experience and fully immerses you in the game. So, in case you want a little change in play, this definitely should be your go-to option.

But how can you play VR cricket with a bat? It is simpler than you think. Just go and buy this VR Pro Cricket bat by Mint 3D and enjoy taking on the bowlers in The Final Overs!

Or you can simply buy the iB Cricket bat. The Final Overs currently doesn’t have its own customized and branded bat but fortunately, you have many other alternatives.

Until then, if you want to have fun with the game, you can explore the options I mentioned above.

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VR cricket with bat v/s with a controller

So, what is the difference between playing VR cricket with a bat and a controller? Well, the only difference is how it feels. Otherwise, both options are preferable. A customized bat for cricket in VR makes you feel more connected with the game while a controller is a user-friendly and pick-and-play option with no hassle of setting the bat alignment.

Other differences are:

  1. Playing with a VR cricket bat is like a real cricket sensation in VR. You experience a real feeling of batting. It is a more realistic way to play cricket in VR. The bat swing, weight, and grip – all feel real and engaging.
  1. Playing with a controller is easy and preferable, especially for beginners. It is incredibly user-friendly because it allows you to comprehend the physics of the game and help you kick off your journey in VR cricket.

But what if you don’t want to play with a controller, and you don’t own a customized VR cricket bat either? Well, you can always attach your controller with a real cricket bat. Here’s how you can do it:

How to connect VR controller with bat

If you don’t have a VR cricket bat but you don’t want to play The Final Overs with a controller either, you can always connect your controller to a bat. It’s super easy, doesn’t need much investment, and you need no expertise to get it done.

Just make sure that you pick a bat with lightweight!

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Pick up any lightweight bat. If possible, cut it in half, or at least 70% of the part. This will automatically decrease the weight of the bat.

2. Attach a controller exactly where you grip the bat with your hands.

3. Try to firmly connect the controller with the bat. You can use a tape or wrapper for that.

4. Set the bat alignment in the pause menu.

You are all set!

Is VR cricket bat worth it

Absolutely! If you are someone who wants to have some serious gameplay experience with VR cricket, you should absolutely try playing The Final Overs with a bat. However, having a bat is not a prerequisite to enjoying the game. VR Cricket can be equally enjoyed with a controller as well.


Virtual reality gaming is an amazing experience with VR cricket being the cherry on top. It allows you to enjoy a VR cricket game like The Final Overs without hectic traveling and wandering to gather all players.

The Final Overs is a timeless game that offers multiple options for players to enjoy the game. No matter if you have a VR cricket bat or controller, you can enjoy the game to the fullest in both ways. You can even attach the controller with a suitable bat and enjoy an even more real gaming experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the game today and just rock ‘n play!

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