The Top 5 Cricket Games Fans Should Play in 2024

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world which draws large crowds, and cricket games are one of the most popular genres with a vast fan base. Our today’s blog will review the top cricket games that have closely served the sport and satiated fans’ love for it. Stay with us till the bottom and you will be tempted to try at least one of the games mentioned here; we are certain of that!

The year 2024 is the year of lots of cricket. Fans will be presented with the tight T20 games between bigwigs of the sports in the T20 World Cup with many important series to follow. Against this backdrop, these cricket games will provide you with an amazing experience, regardless of your level of gaming expertise.

List of best cricket games fans must try in 2024 

Cricket 19

The first cricket game on our list is Cricket 19, which is also known as the official Ashes ‘19 game. Created by Big Ant Studios, this game is still winning the hearts of cricket fans by offering an enjoyable and captivating interface with high graphics and realistic physics. The cricket experience in Cricket 19 is demanding and intricate. But there is one little flaw that players often complain about the height & overall structure of the players. 

Other than that, Cricket 19 is loved among the cricket gaming fraternity, even more than the games that came after it and were more advanced!


  • World Teams: Consists of all world teams as well as players with official licenses.
  • Career mode: Begin with club cricket and progress to national teams.
  • Lifelike Graphics: Realistic visuals boost the game’s appeal.
  • Community Creations: Players and teams that have been developed by the community to make the game more enjoyable.

Comments: All in all, Cricket 19 is a must-try experience. But if you have an issue with players’ 3D models, you can try Cricket 2022 and Cricket 2024 which don’t carry similar problems. 

Cricket Coach 2014

For those who wish to manage a cricket team without actually playing, Cricket Coach 2014 is the ideal option. You can take on the role of coach in this game and manage everything strategically. From bowling tactics to batting strategy, it is you who call the shot from the dressing room!


  • Team Management: Take up the role of head coach for a cricket team, either club or national.
  • Control: Exercise complete control over player selection, scheduling, training, and tactics.
  • Match Decisions: Choose your fields and other tactics.
  • Tournaments: Lead your group through a range of competitions and tasks.

Comments: This game is ideal for people who like to coach and guide their team without really participating in play.

Big Bash Boom

One of the best cricket games is Big Bash Boom which is also developed by Big Ant Studios. This game is similar to NBA Jam’s cricket version in that it emphasizes fun and exaggerated gameplay over realistic realism.


  • Arcade Style: Less focus is placed on playing realistic cricket and more on having fun.
  • Teams: Consists of every Big Bash and Women’s Big Bash League team.
  • Customization: Players can purchase additional accessories to add flair to their squads.
  • Platforms: Compatible with Steam, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox One, and PlayStation.
  • Game Modes: Three game modes are available, all focused on the fast-paced excitement of Twenty20 cricket: Casual, Tournament, and Online.

Comments: It’s recommended that you play this game if you want to have fun without worrying too much about realism.

Don Bradman Cricket 14

With cutting-edge technologies, Don Bradman Cricket 14 provides a realistic cricketing experience. With this release, Big Ant Studios had raised the bar by offering fantastic animations and entertaining gameplay at the time.


  • Career Mode: Begin as a novice and advance your profession.
  • Hard Gameplay: You have to practice hitting and bowling accurately, controlling the location of the bowler and your bat.
  • Robust AI: Provides a demanding encounter with an advanced AI.
  • Cricket Academy: Play online with others and hone your skills.

Comments: Although the game includes a lot of sophisticated features, there are a few bugs that could ruin the experience for certain players.

The Final Overs

Among the best cricket games available this year is The Final Overs. Developed by Mixeal Studios, this is the second-best VR cricket game at the moment, only next to iB Cricket. This game delivers an exciting real-time cricket experience with a smooth UI. With its near-to-real physics and aesthetic stadiums, it meets all the requirements of a cricket enthusiast. 


  • Match Options: Play a Twenty20 match or choose your preferred number of overs.
  • Adaptive AI: The program adapts to your bowling style and targets your weak points, so you need to maintain your edge.
  • Diverse Bowlers: Six distinct bowlers with a range of speeds and spins provide different kinds of challenges.
  • Slo-Mo Replays: Use the awesome slo-mo replay tool to rewatch your best shots or wickets.
  • Commentary: The commentary option adds to the immersive experience and gives the impression that you are watching a real cricket match.
  • Customizable Bats: To better your game and score more often, consider switching to a different bat.

Comments: The Final Overs is one of the best cricket games available in 2024. And we are not being biased by saying it. 

Okay, maybe a little. But that doesn’t take away the fun that this game has to offer!

It provides everything in one convenient package, including commentary and the real-life thrill of cricket. By playing this game, you will discover a new level of cricket; that is guaranteed!

In Summary

The best cricket games listed above are ideal for playing in 2024; each has special elements that combine to provide an experience that will be memorable for cricket enthusiasts. Whether you play virtual cricket like The Final Overs or other console or PC-based games that we have listed above, you will enjoy them all. As we said, each has its own taste to offer, and we think as a cricket fan, you will love them all!  

Let us know in the comments which one you love the most. Enjoy your gaming! 

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