[Ultimate Guide] Top 5 VR Sports Games to Rock N’ Roll This Summer

Top 5 VR Sports Games for Meta Quest 2

VR sports games are the new talk of the town. Believe it or not, the VR sports industry is rapidly growing, and that too in billions. A report by SAI Research in 2020 estimated the value of ‘Global VR in the Sports and Entertainment Market’ at $2.3 Billion. By the end of 2031, it is expected to soar to worth $56.7 billion! 

That’s not surprising at all, given the magical experience VR sports provide to fans. The increasingly powerful technology fully immerses users in a sport where they can enjoy a stadium-like experience from their couch, or step into a player’s shoes and play the sport all by themselves. 

Just imagine yourself in a jam-packed baseball or cricket stadium, or maybe a basketball court brimming with people cheering for you. Your team is in a weak position and might lose the match if you don’t come out with your best. Your strategy will decide the victor of the night. Sounds exciting, right? Well, that’s a VR sports gaming experience for you!  

Such incredible VR sports experiences testify that the future of gaming is here, and we are going to talk about the top 5 VR sports games in this blog today. Buckle up and let’s start!

1. Eleven Table Tennis

    If you feel nostalgic about playing table tennis in your college days, Eleven Table Tennis is your go-to game. If that doesn’t excite you to play a quick game, perhaps this will: Eleven Table Tennis is the most accurate VR sports simulation that has been created so far. 

    The realistic gameplay with haptic feedback is what sets Eleven Table Tennis apart from the rest. What’s more exciting is with the launch of Meta Quest 3, you can now play this game in mixed reality and have competitive matches with your peers.

    Eleven Table Tennis is so good that even some professional players have loved its gameplay. With impressive gameplay, this game is really an unputdownable one, making it one of the best VR sports games to play this summer season!

    2. Golf+

    Golf+ is, by far, the best VR golf game out there. It encapsulates an enjoyable experience not only for golf geeks, but even amateurs can play and enjoy this game just as much. It has both real-world and fictional golf courses, which are exceptionally designed. However, you will have to purchase real-world courses to alleviate your golfing experience in VR. 

    The game perfectly simulates the sports of its inspiration. Just like in real life, you can hit balls at range, practice chipping or bunker shots, or play approach shots. If you love to hang out with buddies while golfing, well, you can do that too. Just head to Top Golf Center and enjoy socializing with your buddies in VR!

    The graphics of Golf+ are surprisingly good too, but they are not realistic or appealing. But I will let that slide because VR will take some time to grow big in the graphics department. 

    Golf+ is as close as you can get to golf in the gaming world. Its exceptional gameplay mechanism is what makes it a must-try VR sports game this summer. 

    3. Thrill of the Fight

    I know summer is already a hot season, but if you are still looking for a game to get your heart rate up, Thrill of the Fight is the best option! 

    The developers of this VR boxing maestro have put an impressive focus on authenticity. The game does a wonderful job of capturing the boxing ring’s thrill. Haptic feedback from controllers gives you a real feeling of knocking down your opponent. All of these make Thrill of the Fight, hands down, the best boxing experience in VR. 

    If you are constantly losing to your opponent, you can always head to the gym to practice with a speed bag, or heavy bag or perform other training to perfect your moves. But beware, once you start improving your game, the challenger will only start getting more and more tougher. Hence, you will need to constantly polish your punches to sway your opponents. 

    Thrill of the Fight is one of the most intense experiences made in virtual reality so far. What I loved the most about this game is its satisfying punching mechanics. Honestly, it feels so pleasing to bring down your opponent that feels very real. 

    In addition to that, Thrill of the Fight is a perfect choice if you have been missing out on workouts lately. This game is undoubtedly the best VR experience available at the moment, and hence, has found its place on this list!

    4. Gym Class VR – VR Basketball

    Gym Class is a very popular game in virtual reality available for free on the Meta Quest store. And no, it’s not some workout experience set in a virtual gymnasium. Gym Class is a basketball game with impressive gameplay features. This game is a complete social experience as you can not only speak with other players’ avatars but also play with them. 

    It’s not easy to get going though and needs a heck of a practice before you start hooping around the ball. The game is a spectacular success in VR. It has got 54K reviews on the Meta Quest Store and has a pretty nice fan following around social media. 

    I would highly recommend this game to try at least once even if you are a basketball fan. 

    5. The Final Overs – VR Cricket

      If you love cricket, The Final Overs will be a treat for you. This VR cricket game can be considered a perfect pick-up-and-play game with the potential to grow more sophisticated with time. It offers four beautiful stadiums to play cricket matches with five difficulty levels.

      Cricket fans will love to experience the physics in The Final Overs which is quite accurate compared to other VR cricket games currently available on the Meta Store. The developers keep introducing new updates which means there is always something new about this VR cricket game. 

      The Final Overs also has a local multiplayer feature using which players can compete in PvP matches and create new rivalries. 

      All in all, The Final Overs is one of the best sports games out there that offers intense gameplay and makes you work harder to win matches. You can learn more about this game on this website. 


      The rapid growth of the VR sports industry, valued at $2.3 billion in 2020 and projected to reach $56.7 billion by 2031, highlights the transformative potential of VR in gaming and entertainment. 

      This blog showcases five exceptional VR sports games to enhance your summer experience. Eleven Table Tennis offers a highly realistic table tennis simulation, while Golf+ delivers an immersive golfing experience. Similarly, Thrill of the Fight provides an intense boxing workout and Gym Class VR presents a social basketball game. 

      The Final Overs, on the other side, caters to cricket enthusiasts with its accurate physics and engaging gameplay. These games exemplify the immersive and interactive nature of VR sports, and that’s what makes them top 5 VR sports games to play this summer.

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