5 Reasons Why You Should Try Virtual Reality Cricket

Ever heard of cricket? Oh, whom I am even asking; if you are here already on The Final Overs blogs, you must know cricket in one way or another. Anyway, while we are on the subject, I am sure you also love playing cricket games. These games are pivotal sources of entertainment, especially when cricket season is off, or especially when you are frustrated and just want to bash the opposite team. 

If you agree with that, I think we are gonna have a great time. Because I am going to give you 5 more reasons why you should play a cricket game. The only difference will be that I will be talking about virtual reality cricket. 

Oh yeah, baby!  

Cricket is the second-most watched sport in the world after football. It is loved by billions of fans across the globe and is an integral part of Indian culture where cricketers enjoy the status of celebrities and even demigods. Due to the popular appeal of cricket in different parts of the world, gaming development companies have introduced many cricket games for smartphones, PCs, and gaming consoles. 

While these platforms host numerous cricket games with millions of players, there is another one rising over the horizon that will redefine cricket gaming in multifarious ways. And it is none other than virtual reality cricket. 

Virtual reality cricket, or VR cricket is the latest sensation in the eSports world. Games like The Final Overs let you enjoy cricket in virtual reality. That means instead of controlling your batter from the keyboard or controller, you will be a batter yourself in the VR, facing AI-powered or human-controlled bowlers. 

Now, if that doesn’t excite you, let me give you five more reasons why you should play virtual reality cricket at least once in your life. 

Turn your living room into a virtual stadium

Say goodbye to texting or calling friends for a quick cricket match. Put on a VR headset, start The Final Overs, and turn your living room into a roaring virtual cricket stadium. What can be a more effortless way of enjoying playing cricket for a die-hard cricket fan? 

Gathering friends to play cricket in a park is fun only for a certain period in life. When you get busy in your career and start living your days mostly in an office, playing cricket with friends only becomes a thing of the past, like an unforgettable melody etched in the memory forever. 

However, VR cricket doesn’t require you to find a spacious ground, friends, a bat and a ball, and above all, the time to cherish your favorite sport. With a Meta Quest VR headset and The Final Overs installed in it, you can play cricket anywhere, anytime! 

P.S. Just be aware of things and people around you; in all the excitement, you wouldn’t want to break the bones, right? 

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Oasis Cricket Stadium
Oasis Cricket Stadium, The Final Overs

Step into the batter’s shoes in virtual reality cricket

Being a cricket fan is not easy. There are times when you are required to bear the agony of helplessly watching your team lose the most important match. Or suffer a heartbreak when your team falls short of winning a close match. In the aftermath, we all wonder what went wrong and sometimes, idealize what we might have done right that a certain batter didn’t. 

Well, fortunately, now you can step into the batters’ shoes and lead your team to victory in VR cricket! 

That’s what is the most exciting thing about virtual reality cricket; it immerses you into the game and gives you the opportunity to dominate the bowling side and win the match for your team. Even if you suffer a batting collapse in the middle, you can still recover and win with the help of your tailenders.

With VR cricket, you are no longer a helpless spectator; you are the legend they write the songs about! 

More affordable and accessible option 

We all love playing games on consoles. But they can only go so far in quenching our insatiable thirst for entertainment. The burnout is real. Moreover, new gaming consoles are also becoming more and more expensive, and the games are more costly. 

In comparison to this, VR headsets come at an affordable rate and have more accessibility than gaming consoles. You can bring a VR headset anywhere you want, which is not the case with the consoles. Also, you don’t need a monitor or TV to attach a standalone VR headset like Meta Quest. 

Cherry on the top is the affordability of VR games which are less costly than console games. For example, The Final Overs is only $19.9. Compare this with Cricket 2024 by Big Ant Studios which is $59.9, and other popular cricket games available for console or PC. 

Please note this comparison is limited to the price only. As a member of the cricket gaming community, we have huge respect for the developers at Big Ant Studio. Their contribution has been remarkable. 

Cricket season is never off for long

Well, this is a fact. With the initiation of different cricket leagues around the world, and with back-to-back official ICC tournaments, cricket is never off the screens for long. There is always some cricket going around in one form or another. So as a cricket fan, you might be tempted to take the fun to the next level and get rid of the itch to get some leather on the willow. 

That is where VR cricket comes in handy. It perfectly simulates real-life cricket and puts you in a robust stadium with a roaring crowd in the stands where you feel the real thrill of playing cricket and feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. 

Virtual reality gaming is the future

Cricket is undoubtedly rife with excitement and entertainment, but it is actually the power of VR technology that enriches its experience. Virtual reality gaming has attracted significant traction lately, and it will only flourish in the future. As per the latest announcements, tech companies like NVIDIA and Microsoft have started developing their own VR headset using the operating system of Meta. It is considered a giant leap in virtual reality development. 

We may soon see many popular games being converted to VR, too. The VR Mod of Cyberpunk and GTA V are just a start. This means that virtual reality will only get more popular, affordable, and accessible in the future, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

We might even see more improvements and gameplay features in VR cricket games as the technology progresses. This will transform the experience entirely for cricket fans. But even if you are not a cricket fan, you can play The Final Overs or other VR cricket games and still get the same level of excitement. Because among other things, these VR cricket games have also been a great promoter of the sport in the digital sphere. 

That’s it from today’s blog. We will meet you in the next one!

In the meantime, download the game from the following link and start your legacy in VR cricket:


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